Board Members and Key Staff


Dear Friends,

It is often said that “someday they will find a way.” When it comes to discovery science that drives medical breakthroughs, “they” are here at LA BioMed and “someday” is today.

The history of innovation at LA BioMed over the past six decades is remarkable, and the growth planned for the future will continue to lead us to more medical breakthroughs for the health of patients in the community and around the world.

Medical Breakthroughs

Some of our earliest innovations include breakthroughs that are still in widespread use today, including the modern cholesterol test, artificial lung surfactant and a thyroid deficiency test for newborns. The lives impacted by LA BioMed researchers continue to grow with the development of low cost eye drops to save children in developing worlds from blindness, treatments for the pain of sickle cell disease and more. Our research today brings us closer to treatments and cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, antibiotic-resistant infections and countless other needs.

Changes on Campus

From WWII barracks to state-of-the-art research facilities, LA BioMed is constantly looking to the future. We look forward to the development of our Campus Master Plan, the addition of new buildings, and modern facilities worthy of the first-rate research conducted here already.

Cultivation of Research

We continue to expand the number of licenses and spin-off companies using LA BioMed discoveries in order to bring the life-saving discoveries out to the patients who need them most. Our roster continues to expand with the recruitment of new researchers, the leaders of their fields today who will find tomorrow’s cures.


Donations are more important than ever to support LA BioMed’s growth and to keep our vital work alive. We can continue to make ground-breaking discoveries because of generous donors, people just like you who understand that the research done here will someday save lives.

Medical advances don’t just happen. They occur because of the collaboration of many stakeholders and over the past six decades, LA BioMed has been responsible for some of the most critical advancements in medical science.


David Meyer, PhD
President & CEO

Joan Hood Jones
Chair, Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Joan Hood Jones (Chair)

Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD (Vice Chair)

Richard K. Learned (Treasurer)

Matthew Budoff, MD (Secretary)

Webb W. Castor, PhD
Ruey-Kang Chang, MD
Dorothy Avila Courtney
Eric S. Daar, MD
Patricia I. Dickson, MD
David B. Duthu, PE
Scott G. Filler, MD
Delvecchio S. Finley, MPP FACHE
Richard J. Glassock, MD, MACP
Griselda C. Gutierrez, MD
David Heber, MD, PhD, FACP, FACN
Sarah Jensen, AIA, LEED, AP
Adam J. Jonas, MD
Joan Hood Jones
Richard K. Learned
Melanie Lundquist
David I. Meyer, PhD
Anne-Merelie Murrell
Steven A. Nissen
Alex Popa
Barnet Resnick
Dan Rosenfeld
Mitchel Sayare, PhD
Sussan Sharifian
H. Michael Smith, AIA LEED AP
Andrew J. Sobel
Timothy Van Natta, MD, FACS

Key Staff

David I. Meyer, PhD

President & CEO
Rubén D. Flores-Saaib, PhD

Vice President for Business Development
John Munz

Vice President for Human Resources
Tom Plotts

Chief Financial Officer
Susan Rubin

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel